Faculty / Chengtao Her

Dr. Chengtao Her

Associate Professor


Room: BLS 343
Phone: 509-335-7537
Phone: 509-335-7538


Research & Interests

My laboratory is interested in the application of the state-of-the-art genomics and proteomics approaches to address fundamental questions related to mammalian DNA mismatch repair pathways. In particular, we are interested in the understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying mismatch repair genes in human cancer, as well as to study the roles of mismatch repair proteins in homologous recombination and other biological pathways facilitated by the identification and characterization of protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions. All current on-going projects in the laboratory utilize a combination of molecular biology/genomics, protein engineering/proteomics, and gene targeting approaches.

A separate research interest of the laboratory is to develop a green fluorescent protein (GFP)-based protein-protein interaction assay system. Proteins are the ultimate players involved in the vast majority of biological processes and in most cases their functions depend on specific protein-protein interactions. Obviously, one of the central focuses of the emerging field of proteomics is to develop multitasking assay systems for analyzing proteome-wide protein interactions.