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  • Zach Howard to Deliver Undergraduate Research Presentation at Drosophila 2017

    School of Molecular Biosciences undergraduate researcher Zach Howard was selected as one of five presenters during the “Spotlight on Undergraduate Research” segment of the Genetics Society of America’s Drosophila 2017 conference ( The March 2017 event in San Diego, CA will gather researchers who employ this model system to study biological systems. Zach has been working in the laboratory of Dr. Alan Goodman (, identifying genes associated with the innate immune responses. Zach’s laboratory research is part of the School’s Students Targeted towards Research Studies (STARS) program ( Congratulations Zach!

  • Congratulations to Laura Ahlers

    Laura Ahlers, a School of Molecular Biosciences doctoral candidate in the laboratory of Dr. Alan Goodman, has been awarded a Russ and Anne Fuller Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Research/Scholarship from the WSU Graduate School.  Laura studies the innate immune response to viruses employing a fruit fly model system, yielding two first-author publications in 2016.


    More information on the Goodman Lab is available here:

  • Professional Science Master’s (PSM) alumna to receive the AAFS 2017 Outstanding Early Career Achievement Award

    Kristina Hoffman, a Forensic Scientist with the Washington State Patrol Crime Laboratory Division in Marysville, WA and a 2015 PSM graduate is the recipient of the 2017 American Academy of Forensic Sciences Outstanding Early Achievement Award.   One of the criteria for receiving the award is  ‘the recipient shall have demonstrated both leadership and outstanding achievement through contributions that have served to advance forensic science and its application to the legal system in a manner that promotes professionalism, integrity, competency, education, research, practice, and collaboration’   Kristina acknowledges the training she received in the PSM degree and in particular her PSM internship work in her success in being nominated and ultimately receiving the award.  Read More
  • SMB faculty researchers Mike Konkel and Rey Carabeo have garnered new grants to fuel their work on infectious bacterial pathogens.

    SMB faculty researchers Mike Konkel and Rey Carabeo have garnered new grants to fuel their work on infectious bacterial pathogens.  Dr. Konkel secured a new R21 grant for two years investigating Campylobacter jejuni, a leading global cause of bacterial foodborne disease.  Dr. Konkel’s grant supports work using a unique pig model of human disease that was developed in his SMB lab.  Dr. Carabeo was funded through a new RO1 grant for almost $2 million over 5 years focused on characterizing the effects of Chlamydia’s protein TarP on human cells during infection.  Congratulations to Drs. Konkel and Carabeo!
  • School of Molecular Biosciences Professor Margaret Black delivers plenary address

    School of Molecular Biosciences Professor Margaret Black delivers plenary address entitled “From Benchtop to Tumor: How Basic Research Can Lead to Cancer Therapy” for a session focused on “When research-based ideas leave campus” during the Biotechnology Symposium at California State University-Santa Clara, January 5-7, 2017.
  • 25 undergraduates receive awards to conduct research

    WSU disseminated undergraduate research awards to students across campus in support of their projects. SMB research labs were well represented, including:
    • Grace Carrell, Microbiology major, Alan Goodman's lab
    • Zachary Howard, Genetics and Cell Biology major, Alan Goodman's lab
    • Estifanos Kassa, Microbiology major, Rey Carabeo's lab
    • Marina Martin, Biochemistry major (pre-medicine), Alan Goodman's lab
    • Elizabeth Rice-Reynolds, Genetics and Cell Biology major, Michael Griswold's lab
    • Seth Schneider, Genetics and Cell Biology major (STARS Program), Anthony Nicola's lab (Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology)
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  • WSU cancer therapy shows promise in trials

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  • WSU researchers gain unprecedented look at DNA damage

    A cluster of researchers from WSU's School of Molecular Biosciences (SMB) have characterized DNA lesions associated with skin cancer in a novel way. Dr. John Wyrick anchored the SMB team that published a new DNA damage study in PNAS this week.

    WSU News story:

    Publication from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS):

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  • Summer Microscopy ‘Camp’ will enhance research efforts of three SMB labs

    Over the summer months, SMB researchers in the Carabeo, Jones and Konkel labs will take their cells and reagents to the Advanced Imaging Centre (AIC) at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Janelia Research Labs in Virginia. There they will study how cells move, how pathogens invade mammalian cells and how invasion impacts the adhesion systems of a host cell, using some of the new bioimaging technologies being developed by Nobel Laureate Dr. Eric Betzig and others. The mission of AIC is to “make cutting-edge imaging technologies developed at Janelia widely accessible, and at no cost, to scientists before the instruments are commercially available”. The Carabeo, Jones and Konkel labs each submitted proposals to AIC last year and all three were accepted. The Jones lab is currently at Janelia. Carabeo and Konkel lab personnel will begin their studies in July and August.
  • Cynthia Cooper, SMB Associate Professor (WSU-Vancouver) will speak at the May 14, 2016 Northwest Melanoma Symposium

    Cynthia Cooper, SMB Associate Professor (WSU-Vancouver) will speak at the May 14, 2016 Northwest Melanoma Symposium. The symposium is hosted by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, co-sponsored by the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and the Melanoma Research Foundation, inviting family and friends to this public science outreach event with a theme of Science to Survivorship.  


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